Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Going Green

I'm off to the Bahamas first thing Wednesday morning... this time for a culinary media experience at the beautiful Tiamo Resort in Andros. As I ponder life's mysteries from a palm-tree shaded hammock on a secluded white sand beach, I'll most certainly forget about the insanity that plagued me at work for the past two weeks. I'll be again reminded that I have a most fabulous job that is in every way a blessing, and the very few minute downsides will melt away like the ice in my tasty tropical drinky-drink.

Editor's note: Tiamo is a real retreat from life's excessive connectivity, so after a bit of uncomfortable withdrawal, I'll be Internet, TV and cell phone free through Sunday... so that means no blog posts. Not to worry, readers - how many celeb sightings or outrageous experiences could I possibly have from my private beachside bungalow? Signing off until next week...

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