Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jason Castro, Mi Amor

1. Is it pathetic/wrong/sinful that I vote for Jason Castro even though I don't think he's the best singer on American Idol? Maybe it's only pathetic that I vote 48 times, like an obsessive 'tween. At any rate, I'm hoping for a JC/DC finale, so I'm going to keep voting for the dreadlocked hottie even if it does render me dorky and 11-years-old.

2. Am I the only person who doesn't get David A.? He's precious, I'd love to babysit him and he can really belt out those mediocre inspirational ditties... but can we just sign him up for High School Musical 3 and call it a day? I don't get how Randy could ever say little DA is a molten hot lava bomb - seriously, that's a rad compliment and I don't think it could ever apply to DA, as dear as he is.

3. Was anyone else pleasantly surprised by Neil Diamond week? I thought it was gonna be a snoozefest, but Neil sure showed me. What a friendly guy!

4. I have to wait until Sunday for the results show on my DVR, so don't tell me who gets the boot until I get back =)

1 comment:

Jamie said...

I do not get David A either. It's like watching a 12-yr old on Star Search. Oh wait, wasn't he actually on Star Search when he was 12?