Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jason Castro, My American Idol

Jason Castro is the bomb, dog. He works it out every week on American Idol and I just can't get enough, dreadlocks and all. When he was in the bottom three a couple of weeks ago, I audibly gasped and grasped my hand to my chest. I just couldn't bear to lose him so soon. Thank heavens Ryan declared him safe. He's so dreamy!

And he's changed my life. I've gone from passive American Idol sometimes-watcher to full-fledged member of the AI voting public. Up until Tuesday night, I'd never cast a vote for the competition. I occasionally tuned in to seasons past, mostly for the first few weeks of absurdity and then for the final episode. But last night, Jason performed one of my very favorite songs (Somewhere Over the Rainbow - the Izzy version), and something came over me... I just had to pick up the phone. I was compelled by the power of Jason to vote - several dozen times. (Side note: Michael Johns is also wicked hot and even though I didn't love his performance, I was compelled to vote for him, too!)

I'm addicted! Go Jason!

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Anonymous said...

No joke, I voted for him 75 times the week he sang 'Hallelujah'. It's the dreads, and the eyes, and the "What America might not know about me is that I hate doing interviews." that makes being semi-stalkerish A-OK