Monday, April 21, 2008

What Does Your Call Log Say About You?

My current outgoing calls list:
Home (RaeRae is going to a high school dance on Friday - the dress I sent fits perfectly!)
Hodgie (Blue Man audition on Friday - please pray for him!)
Lauren Johnson (LJ is an aunt - welcome Sloan Elizabeth to the world!)
Mommie Cell (Even though she never answers it)
JP (My favorite person in Montana)
1-866-IDOLS07 (31 votes for Jason Castro last week)
Meesh (Cotton candy, anyone?)
Michelle (Note to self: Call her back!)
Scotty (mehhhh.)

Text Messages I Sent or Received:
Daniel (Dude, where's my brother?)
Amy (U ready for some hip-hop?)
Lauren (I kinda feel like going out!)
Jamie (Peeling lead paint turns into poisonous dust.)
Erin (There's a pirate convention in New Orleans - lots of Johnny Depp lookalikes running around, yarrrgh!)
Tania (Can you babysit on Wednesday?)
Antoinette (I promise to guest blog the next time you ask me.)
Meesh (We went the wrong way. Be there in 10!)
Blake (I hope you were only saying good things about me. I'll call you.)

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Hahahahahahahaha. I was so excited to see both English and Spanish posters on the subway on my way home...I just had to share.