Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Celebrity Sighting Update

Jamie and I church-hopped a few weeks ago, and this particular church services takes place on the 7th floor of a concert venue on 34th Street. As we entered the lobby and stood waiting for the elevator, Jamie pointed out a man, a grown man, wearing a Miley Cyris All-Access Backstage Pass. Weird, but somewhat normal considering Miley's current media exposure. Suddenly, the venue door swung wide and there was Miley Cyrus - in real life - singing and bouncing all over the stage for sound check. Jamie and I got a little giddy because, frankly, Miley's hot right now and she totally counts as A-list.

After church, we desperately tried to peek into the venue just to get a glimpse of the ingenue, but alas, we were brutally rebuffed by the bouncers. (NYC is apparently nothing like Vegas.) So we exited out the front door and were lingering, chatting, catching up, when… OMG, it's the Ripas! More like the Consueloses, but anyway, Kelly Ripa, hubby Mark, kids Lola, Marco and Polo (ok, I can't remember all their names) popped out of a black SUV and went into the private concert. At that moment I kinda wanted to be one of their kids, I'm not going to lie.

Finally, I recently realized that I forgot to mention a sighting Alex, Jamie and I had when he was here for his Blue Man audition. It was Tribeca Film Festival time and we were on our way to Fuerzabruta when we saw John Leguizamo on the red carpet. Hodgie was stoked.

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Michelle said...

The Consuelos kids are Michael-4th grade, Lola-1st grade and turned 7 today, and Joaquin who's in Pre-K. They all go to the school I'm currently interning in and Mark drops them off most days, but Kelly dropped them off last Friday. Don't you wish you could've gone to a school that cost 30K/kid/year and run around town in black SUV's attending private concerts?