Saturday, June 28, 2008


Flexible Spending Accounts are the best idea ever, and I personally think everyone should have one.

"But why, B.A.A.? I'm relatively healthy and don't spend any money on prescriptions."

Here's why: in the two years that have passed since my bada-bing car accident on June 28, 2006, I've had enough unexpected injuries and medical expenses to blow through my FSA allotment by mid-year... all for unplanned medical issues. You just never know what could happen! If you're like me, your injury history might looks something like this:

Sprained neck
Sprained back
Concussion #1
Probable concussion #2
Stress fracture & boot
Achilles tendonitis
Broken toe & boot
Sprained knee & brace

...for a grand total of one bajillion dollars. I'm resolving right now, on the two year anniversary of the accident, to be more careful with myself and stay injury-free. Wish me luck!

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