Monday, June 23, 2008


Readers, I need help. I'm in the throes of what could be a major crisis. Some people get by with a little help from their friends, some people just need love… I need an iPod stocked with cleverly organized iTunes playlists. I like my life's soundtrack to constantly play in the background… it helps me feel more like a movie star to know that I have the perfect ditty playing when I wash the dishes, or walk in the park or do sit-ups. Over the past 2.5 years that I've had my iPod, I've spent countless hours creating unique playlists for my moods: Melancholy, Mellow, Happy; for my seasons of life: Breaking Up, Moving On; for destinations: Bahama Mama, Road Trip; by genre: Classical, Country, Musicals; by person: RaeRae's List, Jamie's Birthday; and by activity: Gym, Karaoke. I even have random assortments like Angie, The Soundtrack, Ages & Holidays and the rarely used Romance mix. No matter the mood, location or activity, I am always prepared with just the right song assortment.

So you can imagine my shock and subsequent panic attack when I clicked the iTunes icon on my desktop this weekend and saw absolutely nothing there. I froze, held my breath and felt to see if my heart was still beating. There were NO songs in iTunes and all my playlists were gone - 2,500 songs evaporated into thin air. I clicked around, restarted my computer, restored the settings to an earlier date - but nothing brought my original library or playlists back. Miraculously, all the songs remained in a music folder on my hard drive but I can't seem to get the songs into iTunes - short of hand-pasting each one. Impossible!

I know this isn't the end of the world, but certainly it's a sign that the end is near? Have any of you ever experienced this? I need some iHelp iNow! iThanks!


Yuяi said...

Howdy Angie! I seem to know my way around an iPod and would be happy to help a sister out! Shoot me an email, and I'll see what I can do for ya. jasonbrady at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

Go to the Mac Genius Bar! They've recovered my stuff for me many a time! The one in Soho has the nicest people but plan ahead and either go super early or like the middle of the night or you'll be in line forever.