Friday, June 20, 2008

Press Trip: True or False

Answer true or false to the following italicized statements to see how much you know about B.A.A.'s most recent press trip.

The TV show host with whom B.A.A. planned, coordinated and schmoozed for four months lost his passport en route, thus couldn't get into the country.

One of the trip attendees aggressively hit on B.A.A. for a solid six hours at a cocktail party, with such lines as, "Your organized emails betray your hotness," and "I already drank everything in my mini-bar."

B.A.A. broke her toe unceremoniously and is now sporting another boot.

Despite being incredibly excited about bonefishing and deep sea fishing, B.A.A. didn't really do either.

B.A.A. spent the first three days of her trip undoing all the plans she'd made for two of her media attendees: cancelling rooms, flights, charter boats, meals, etc.

B.A.A. jumped from a 40-ft. cliff into a 600-ft. deep inland blue hole.

B.A.A. flew on a teeny tiny plane but found it surprisingly comfortable.

B.A.A. lounged on John Travolta's couch.

B.A.A. went to a pirate cave in the middle of the night with a lantern and a bottle of rum.
If you answered false to any of these questions, you're wrong! Each of these statements is true, and without getting too far into all the gory details, they adequately sum up a sometimes great and sometimes ho-hum press trip. Truthfully, other than the TV show host passport debacle, the aggressive macking that went down Wednesday night and the immensely painful and equally embarrasing toe-breaking incident, the trip was quite lovely. My journalists were some of the best yet - so laid back, smart and fun to be with. I can't praise them enough! The weather was quite nice and the scenery was as beautiful as ever. I can't wait to get back…in August!

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