Wednesday, July 23, 2008

blogging en route

Pls excuse this 1st attempt at mobile blogging... Rae and I are stuck in ATL for yet-to-be determined amt of time, so I thought we'd check in and let you all know St. Thomas was sunny and warm - a good time was had by all. We made tons of friends, had fiestas in our honor, witnessed a Midwesterner-on-Midwesterner attempted mugging, had near dangerous encounters with a bat and several massive iguanas, and culturally offended many people, apparently. I ate traditional Callalloo soup for dinner 3 nights in a row... it's to die for. I also spent a ridic amt of dinero on the sis, but I just know some day she's going to get a job and pay me back with luxe trips in return.

For real-time updates, follow me on Twitter. Pictures and stories to come...

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