Thursday, July 17, 2008


Is anyone out there Twittering? (Clueless? Click here.) I'm trying to incorporate it into my life but it doesn't make much sense to do so when no one I know is doing it. That said, most of you probably don't know what I'm talking about. Twitter is an application that allows you to update your friends on your whereabouts and activities all day long, and allows you to "follow" your friends' activities in return. One can update one's Twitter status via Web, text message or Facebook. I would blame my mom for inventing Twitter to stalk us kids, but she JUST got a cell phone and can barely work that… so clearly she did not have anything to do with this new media darling.

With Twitter, I can update folks on day-to-day minutiae even more effectively than I already do with the blog. The only catch is every update must be 140 characters or less… brevity is key. After two weeks of putzing around, I'm on the fence about Twitter's usefulness. Do people really need to know even more about my every move? And if a girl Tweets in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it really matter? My coworker Valerie and I are following each other via Twitter, but considering we are at the same place at least 40 hours a week, I already know what's up with her and vice versa.

Anybody else Tweeting out there?


Wade Rockett said...

Hi Angie! A fair number of Shandwickians use Twitter. There's me (@waderockett), my boss Margot (@writeforwine), Greg, David and Sarah from Minneapolis (@perfectporridge @cocodamour and @stilpy), and Greg from Cambridge (@gregpc). Probably many others that I can't think of.

Not that you KNOW us, necessarily. But you sort of know OF us. Ish.

(And then there's always the vexing question of whether you want to invite colleagues into your Internet life or leave it friends-only.)

Anonymous said...

I'm on Twitter! But I agree, it doesn't make much sense if none of my friends use it either. When I joined a few months ago, I sent out an e-mail to a couple of my friends and they were all like, WTF? And they didn't join.