Monday, August 18, 2008

Customs in St. Thomas

Customs Agent: Where's your passport?

Big Apple Angie: Isn't this a US territory? I thought a driver's license was all I needed?

CA: Well, passports are better.

BAA: Ok, fine, here's my passport.

CA: (to Rae) Where's yours?

BAA: She doesnt' have one, she's a minor.

CA: How old is she?

BAA: She's 14.

CA: Doesn't she have a school ID?

BAA: No.

CA: Does she have a Social Security card?

BAA: Are you running a credit check or something?

CA: Who is this girl to you?

BAA: She's my sister.

CA: And where are your parents?

BAA: How should I know?

CA: And are you the only children?

BAA: What does that have to do with customs?

CA: What were you doing here in St. Thomas?

BAA: We were on vacation.

CA: Without your parents?

BAA: I'm 26!

CA: Oh, have a nice day.

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Camels & Chocolate said...

Hahahaha, that's hilarious, Angie! And I'm still confused about the convo with your momma...what is she talking about??