Monday, August 18, 2008

How Did You Get Into PR?

On the heels of yet another paid Caribbean jaunt and in response to some of your questions, I wanted to briefly share how I came to be a publicist for a phenomenal company with amazing clients.

Contrary to what you've seen here on the blog, PR isn't just glitzy parties, multimillion dollar events or exciting sojourns to tropical destinations. After four years in this biz, you should know I paid my dues at two agencies in Atlanta before landing my current job in NYC. It's true, I worked for a few interesting clients - and it will come as no surprise that the tourism accounts were the ones I looked forward to working on the most. But aside from the two or three travel accounts with itty-bitty budgets, my other projects were explicitly, profoundly not fun. For propriety's sake, I won't mention specifics here, but am happy to regale you with the wonders of poultry, peanuts and pressure washers someday at a cocktail party.

Considering I chose my major at orientation with as much thought as one gives to choosing a new toothbrush, I'm thrilled I blindly chose something (read: God planned it out from the beginning!) that I'm good at. I had no idea what the public relations profession entailed when I picked it from the long list of possible careers. Frankly, I chose PR to avoid taking math classes. I would love to have been a geologist or marine researcher, but when I saw multiple levels of calculus in the course selection, those scientific dreams went out the window, while PR seduced me with promises of... well, I wasn't sure what, but at least there was no math.

So that's how I got into PR... more or less because that's what I felt like choosing on that particular day at UF Orientation. After graduation, finding a job wasn't easy either... but you can read about that here.

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