Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pop the Bubbly, Life is Lovely!

Raise your glass - it's's two-year anniversary! Can you believe it's been two years since these crazy shenanigans began? Who ever would have thought I'd stick with this whole novel blogging concept for 364 (and counting!) blog posts to date. Thanks very much to my loyal readers, I'm inclined to continue blogging for the foreseeable future, and I always welcome your feedback, questions, comments and suggestions for improving B.A.A.'s content and aesthetics.

Just for fun, check out the very first post from Aug. 18, 2006. I was so green! I'm still green, actually, but at least I can use the subway (and the bus!) in a moderately functional way and I know how to hail a cab with great success.

Cheers to more years, more blog posts and more adventures!

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