Friday, August 29, 2008

RaeRae Eats in Europe Fund - You Can Help!

As you may be aware, about 10 years ago I visited Europe for the very first time. I was 16 years old and my parents, grandparents, friends and family pitched in to send me across the pond. It was a cliché, life changing experience that turned me into a francophile and wistful Brit wannabe. I always wanted that for my little sister, so...

At 16, all signs pointed to the fact that I’d be rich and famous by the time I was an elderly 26, so I made a promise to 5-year-old RaeRae. To celebrate her Sweet Sixteen, we'd go to Europe together to explore London and Paris, effectively recreating my first visit. As life would have it, I ended up neither rich nor famous, and then the dollar went kaput - making this trip more expensive than I ever could have imagined. Who could have predicted the difference in these past 10 years? Greenspan and Buffett may have, but I wasn't paying any attention to that noise when I was in high school. And who knew RaeRae would grow to be a 6-ft.-tall eating machine? Despite the cost, I've promised to take her to Europe and to Europe we will go…

Through a series of blessed occurrences, I've been able to round up a good deal of SkyMiles and some hefty airline credits that will help to defray our exorbitant airfare. I'm savvy enough to get us into museums and attractions at the right time for reduced fares, so that doesn't worry me either. Lodging may or may not be via, but at least if the dollar goes further south, like, to hell, there's a free alternative to the super expensive hotel rooms or even moderately priced B&Bs.

Friends, lend me your ears… I want to tell you about the RaeRae Eats in Europe Fund. Stay tuned for details…

But first, a little about RaeRae: she lives below the poverty line mostly because she can't keep $5 in her pocket longer than five minutes. She loves Funyuns, steak, eyeliner and YouTube. She's an amazing artist with loads of natural talent and an avid Harry Potter enthusiast. She's currently reading a stack of books I deemed "required" for her to attend the Europe trip. At 14, she's 5'8" and made mostly of long legs and I guess, Funyuns. She's witty and silly and loads of fun to hang out with. If you don't know her in person, make an appointment for a meet and greet. You'll love her!

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Olga said...


When Jason and I went 2 years ago, we used the points for the flight and the hotel stays. We only spent $700 for our food and recreation. Your cart recommendations were helpful in keeping the costs down.

Also, check out Next time we go, we'll rent one of these apartments. We've successfully used the site for a cabin in the mountains and a studio apartment in Chicago. But they have places all over the world.

Amberly also wants to go for her 16th. So, we too are racking up as many points as possible. And praying that the dollar rebounds in true 80's fashion!