Thursday, September 4, 2008

Exhilarating, Exhausting

At the beach with Lauren last weekend, she read aloud the following passage from a recent NY Magazine article... The article itself could have been written by any former New Yorker who just wasn't cut out to be a 'lifer,' as so many of us probably aren't. Lots of good nuggets in this one about the good, bad and ugly of living in the world's grandest city.

EXCERPT: "New York is all about what could be," says David Cloyd, a 34-year-old musician who moved to the city from Austin ten years ago. "You know: The potential. The possibilities." He’s echoing, of course, the aspirational mantra that’s lured a million hopeful dreamers to New York before him. And in exchange for this promise of limitless possibility, this tantalizing what-could-be, New York requires of these dreamers that they pursue two simultaneous lives: the romantic, invigorating, spectacular life you imagine for yourself, and the expensive, often dispiriting, intermittently grueling day-to-day life you have to lead in order to keep that dream life alive. This is exhilarating. This is exhausting. This is what New York is all about.

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