Friday, September 19, 2008

High School Reunions

My 10-year reunion is coming up in a year and a half, and if not for the fact that I probably have to organize it, I wouldn't go. Why's that? Because between the blog, Facebook, MySpace, texting, three email addresses, AIM, LinkedIn, the Sidekick and annual cheerleader reunions, I already have a pretty good idea of what my friends (and frienemies) are up to and likewise. For those peripheral folks who are not exactly day-to-day amigos but are still on the "nice list", Facebook status updates let me know when so-and-so is in labor or what's-his-name gets engaged, or I'll hear it through the MHS grapevine. Off the top of my head, I could probably give you the 411 on the major players from MHS c/o 2000, and I haven't spoken to many of them in years. Chalk it up to my bizarre photographic memory that records every useless fact I read for regurgitation later.

So here's the issue: what about those classmates I haven't stayed in touch with? If we couldn't be bothered to keep in touch for the past 10 years, why start now? Is that notion so absurd? I looked at my yearbook for the first time in ages when I was home at Christmas, and no lie, I didn't remember half of the people that signed it. By skipping my reunion, I can avoid the embarrassment of not remembering people. Indulge me while I fast forward to a potential reunion convo...

Nondescript Dude: BAA, hi! Wow, you look great! (Assuming I will look great in 1.5 years) It is so good to see you!
BAA: Um, yeah, right, hey… you. (Who is this guy?! What's his name?) What have you been up to for the past… 10 years?
Dude: You don't remember me, do you?
BAA: I'm sorry, have we met?
Dude: We dated for a year!
BAA: Really? What year?
Dude: Forget it! Obviously I didn't mean anything to you!

See how quickly things could go awry?!

Readers 30 and under, how do you feel about high school reunions? Do you want to interact with the people you graduated with, particularly the ones you don't keep in touch with? Why or why not?

Readers 31+, have you found your reunions to be valuable or a waste of time? For the people you did reconnect with, are you still in touch?

MHS c/o 2000 - what do you think? Should we have a reunion or not?


elizabeth said...

i feel awkward about them. i still talk to people from high school - not everyone - but i know what's going on with most people. and i'm just in a very different place than most of them. who knows...i haven't make my decision yet for mine next year!

Anonymous said...

Ha. Remember our convo about this during Christmas? You were not very nice about the whole idea miss lady.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to mine its this year. I have kept in touch with the people that I was close with. I don't care to see any of the other people.
Love ya Jordan