Wednesday, September 3, 2008

M.H.S. Round 3

In other RaeRae news, she just started high school two weeks ago and all seems to be going well. MHS, look out!

Readers, did you love or hate high school? What would you do differently if you had the chance to go back? What's advice would you be willing to share with RaeRae as she begins this season of her life?


Anonymous said...

Rae Rae,
My advise to you is DO YOUR HOMEWORK so you won't be grounded for your entire high school experience.

Unknown said...

Rae Rae, listen to your mother.

On another note, I HATED high school and there is no amount of money that I could be paid to go back. I once sat in my room and cried because I was watching a movie and one of the characters said, "High School is the greatest time of your life". Fortunately, things get way cooler when you have money and no homework.