Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wild n' Wacky Wisconsin Weekend

Friday - 7 a.m. - Swam laps at the gym. Quick shower. Skipped work to finish Gram's slideshow. Pitched journalists re: new hotel opening. Chatted with my fabulous new roomies. Cooked Cream of Wheat. Computer crashed, again and again and again. Couldn't get song transitions just right. "It doesn't have to be perfect," said Gabe. Threw clothes into suitcase. Tried to save slideshow file. Got this message: Saving… 838 minutes to go. Curses! Loaded computer gear, external hard drive and jump drive into Vera Bradley duffel. Dragged suitcase and computer gear to Port Authority to catch the shuttle to LGA. Fell asleep as soon as I sat down on the bus. Slept all the way to Cleveland and arrived on time. Friendly airport Burger King "chef" told me to tell my friends if I enjoyed my meal… so, everyone listen up: Burger King in Cleveland Airport Terminal C is really great. Arrived in Milwaukee one hour earlier than Mom, Rae and Hodgie. Picked up rental car but was afraid to drive it because I have no car insurance. Drove from rental car facility back to the loading area in the wrong gear. Forgot how to drive? Family arrived. RaeRae said, "I'm happy to see you!" Mom said, "How do we get to Racine?" Thought she was native? Ma drove in the wrong gear for a while, too, but she knows better. I said, "Just stop the car!" Alex said, "Don't stop the car, what's wrong with you people?" Mom said, "I think I forgot to tell Auntie Sis we were staying with her." Collective child eyerolling ensued. Car nearly wrecked as we drove past DeRango's pizza, Mom's favorite. Pulled up to Auntie Sis' house. Good news - Mom did remember to tell her we were coming to visit! Hurray! Ate homemade brownies and lemon bars. Alex and Rae went straight to bed. Saved slideshow file onto external hard drive, finally! Watched the Weather Channel and talked with Auntie Sis into the wee hours. Saturday - 3 a.m.

Saturday - 7 a.m. - "Do you want to run errands?" said Mom to me, while I was sleeping. "No. Get away from me. I need 30 minutes." Woke up and spent $100 at Target. New pink trench - fab! Mom said in a Wisconsin accent, "O and H. O and H. Where is O and H?" (O&H is a Danish bakery with Kringle, mm!) Found O&H, bought half a dozen Kringles. Starbucks. Mom says, "If you want him to know you like him, pinch his butt." Mouth agape. Hodgie called, "Did you forget about me?" Back to Auntie Sis's. Ate Kringle, brownies and lemon bars for breakfast. Uncle Chuckie and Nubz arrived. Ate sloppy Joes for lunch even though we were still full of Kringle. Saved slideshow file to Mom's desktop and a DVD. Went to Uncle Chuckie's to practice setting up slideshow on his big TV. One hour… two hours… Mom read the instructions. Alex phoned a techy friend but he was M.I.A. Auntie Cookie, David and Nicole arrived. What kind of cables do we need? Finally, Function/F8 works and the slideshow appears on the TV. Watched it twice. Wait, but who is that guy? Debated mysterious stranger in slide show. Danced barefoot in Uncle Chuckie's front yard, singing "Wisconsin grass, Wisconsin grass, it's so soft, I love Wisconsin grass." Then I fell down in a hole. Nubz caught it all on tape. Went to party supply store for fancy party hats and balloons and whatnot. Nubz put a rubber cockroach on my shoulder and I lost it. Threw everything in my hands down the store aisle and ran away. Performed SNL surprise party skit a few times. Went to DeRango's for family reunion and pizza. Ate way too much. Went to Buckets bar to watch Gator game. Played darts and pinball. Gators win, hurray! Drove to Erricka's condo. Counted down to RaeRae's 15th birthday in EST time zone and then again in Central. Rocked out on Guitar Hero and shuffleboard all night. A good time was had by all. Sunday - 3 a.m.

Sunday 8 a.m. - Happy birthday, RaeRae! Snuggled depressed and sick little sis in the bed for a while. Went bowling to celebrate 15 years on the planet. Sucked at bowling, as per usual. Hurt my back, neck and arm - Guitar Hero, gymnastics, dancing and darts didn't help either. Back to Auntie Sis' for surprise party No. 1 of the day. Sang to Rae, ate Danish layer cake. Migrated to Mike and Angelo's pizza place (yes, pizza again!) for Great Gram's party. Delegated tasks in true Angie style. Balloons, streamers, gift table, cake, candles, table cloths, Gram's flapper hat… all finished with time to spare. Set up slide show on Uncle's TV - it worked! Performed SNL skit until I thought Monga would wet her pants. Waited for Great Gram to arrive… SURPRISE! Shocked 90-year-old woman half to death. Played slide show. Ate more pizza. Reunited with the extended family. Ate more cake. Mom and Aunt Peg broke up an almost fight. Scary Daniel. Sketchy party crasher! Went home to Auntie Sis's. Went back to Target, hurray! Birthday shopping spree for RaeRae. Dairy Queen. Big fat cow = me. Crashed in bed. Midnight.

Monday - 8 a.m. - Packed up and ate my last slice of Kringle for breakfast. Drove to Gram's to spend the morning. Her house seems so much different than when we were little.

Played Apples to Apples at the picnic table with Daniel, Rae and Hodgie. Ate chewy sweet tarts for breakfast. Wandered on the Lake Michigan beach and played in the park, just like being a kid. Freezing! Bye, family. Returned rental car. Checked in. Beer and cheese soup, no kidding. Slept all the way home. Whewwwww.

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