Friday, October 3, 2008

B.A.A. Book Club, Volume 1

So I've been reading a lot lately and thought I'd share some thoughts on my September finds…

I was mildly entertained throughout the book… and then I got to the end and felt cheated, as though my time was stolen away under false pretenses... which, perhaps was the point considering the plot. Good for war buffs and anglophiles.

Little Children
Mehh. I never could commit to the characters, but the plot was interesting enough - perhaps the movie is more colorful in depicting the story. The anticlimactic ending left me wishing one of the annoying main characters would die.

Blue Like Jazz
The prose waivered somewhere in between tedious, juvenile and brilliant. I wasn't a fan of the all-over-the-place stream of consciousness method, but still, there were several poignant insights, so it's worth a look.

Summer at Tiffany
Surprisingly entertaining for a fluffy book. Loved the history lesson inadvertently woven in. Good clean fun for all you NYC gals.

The Shack
Easily the best book of the month. Yes, it's Christian fiction but don't discount it immediately. This story made me look at my relationship with God in a different way, so I def give it my highest recommendation.

On the docket for October:
Do Travel Writers Go To Hell
Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing
A Severe Mercy

Any recommendations from you, my dear readers, are highly prized.


elizabeth said...

am i allowed to recommend the twilight series? :)
i felt the same way about little children.
also, i liked girls guide to hunting and fishing.
and, question - did you like the shack better than blue like jazz?

Amy R. Upshaw said...

Have you read either Irresistable Revolution or Jesus for President? I feel like you would have interesting thoughts on those.