Thursday, October 2, 2008

Inside I'm Screaming

By now, the whole world knows I loathe election years, and as a rule, B.A.A. doesn’t discuss partisan politics here or at work. It’s just not prudent.

Breaking just a bit with tradition while still remaining party-neutral, I’d like to say that one of my biggest peeves this election year is that I hear people talking about voting because whichever candidate is "charismatic."

Really? How about we vote on issues – not public speaking ability?! If I hear one more person talk about so-and-so’s charming magnetism, I’m going to expatriate. Seriously.

The candidates are dissimilar enough that there’s really no rationale for being on the fence. You either believe X or you believe Y. Make a decision about who you are and what you believe in and stick with it. Let’s have no more waffling over who sounded better in this debate or that interview, ok? Frankly it’s irrelevant to the issues at hand and serves as little more than a distraction from the political spin that comes with every speech, debate and interview.

No matter your position, the values and the future of the USA are on the line and Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin’s speech communication prowess matters far less than their views on all the key issues facing us today.

And one last thing, gees, can everyone stop regurgitating punditry every single morning? I get it – you watched the news and now you’re repeating everything you heard. Way to go, champ.

I’m appealing to all who know me, love me, hate me, read my blog or speak in my presence… please leave me out of politics. I believe what I believe and no amount of mockery or derision is going to change that.

Inside I’m screaming - you don't want all that coming out... do you?

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