Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Random Saturday

At approximately 2 a.m., B.A.A. and LJ exit Stout and prepare to head home. Saturday night karaoke with LJ's faux beau Jack has just ended, capping off 12 hours of awkward moments at Town Tavern, successful Gator & Texas football games, a random stop-off at the FSU bar for socializing (scary!) and a sing-along birthday party for Michelle. As LJ and B.A.A. say their goodbyes, a banker-type guy that neither gal has ever seen before comes running out of the bar, waving his arms frantically.

Random guy: Hey wait, you're leaving already?
B.A.A.: (glancing suspiciously from guy to LJ) Oh yeah, it's time to get home.
Random guy: But I really wanted to buy you a drink!
B.A.A.: Oh, um. Ok, thanks for the offer, but it's bedtime for us.
Random guy: I was just waiting to buy you a drink and now you're leaving.
B.A.A.: Yes, yes, we are leaving.
Random guy: And all I wanted was to buy you a drink. (guy pouts)
B.A.A.: Ah, yes, you mentioned that. No thank you though, we're going home.
Random guy: I'm only in town tonight.
B.A.A.: (blank stare)
Random guy: I'm staying right down the street at the Affinia… in a suite.
B.A.A.: Oh, wow, a suite. Gosh.
Random guy: When I was in Italy, living there, when I lived in Italy, I mean you haven't lived until you've lived in Italy, it was so great.
B.A.A.: Uh-huh.
Random guy: And Florida, well, I had to live in Florida for a while, too, for my job… in finance. I hate Florida, but I made a ton of money.
B.A.A.: Yeah, Florida is a horrible place. (eye roll)
Random guy: Well, I was going to buy you a drink but since you're leaving and you don't want to hang out with me tonight… (guy pouts pitifully)
B.A.A.: (hailing cab rapidly) Right. Ok, bye!


Unknown said...

Sounds like you picked up one of my crazy guys!

Anonymous said...

This is so funny!! Jordan