Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Current Love List

The Florida Gators...and the anticipation of games to come

Holiday programming... I've already watched the cartoon Grinch and the Wizard of Oz

Twilight...I like that for one more day, I'm oblivious to the world of angsty teen vampires

Kings of Leon...My new fave band

Planning for Hawaii on a budget...Under $400 each! Check out our condo.

The Cosby Show...I watch Cliff & Claire every day on my DVR and want to be like them when I grow up

Kiteboarding...I swear I'll post pics/videos soon

The Office...I want to be like Jim and Pam when I grow up

Weezer's latest video...It's my current anthem

My new iPhone...You may have to surgically remove it from my hand

December... Hawaii 11/27-12/7; Bahamas 12/15-12/20; Florida 12/21-1/4

Boys... Even if most of the ones I know are bozos, at least they're moderately entertaining

Guest bloggers... stay tuned for Antoinette!

BAA Readers...That's you!

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