Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello, 27

Wake up to the highly unpleasant sound of the radiator, or is it a jackhammer? Recall the things I forgot overnight… where I am, what I’m mad about and what I have to do today. Remember it’s my birthday. Grunt. Click on the Today Show. There are puppets doing the news. I’m confused. Flip to the Weather Channel. Dreary, gray, rain expected. Better pack an umbrella. Get out of bed and get dressed, all black seems appropriate. Look in the mirror – no wrinkles, nice job. Hear a ruckus upstairs – what are those roommates up to? They’re hollering at me, but why? What did I do? Grab coat and umbrella for quick departure. Upstairs – surprise! The roommates have made an (orange and blue!) banner, baked cinnamon rolls, bought flowers and even cleaned up the kitchen. Kevin says – Hey, now you’re eligible for AARP. Blow out the candles – today might be ok.

Check voicemail on the way to work. Hodgie and Daniel singing, “You’re not special and you smell baaaad. Happy birthday.” At the office, it’s business as usual. Conference calls, writing, designing, creating, yammering, flailing. Same old stuff, just on my day of birth. Post newspaper write-up of Great Gram on blog. Godiva chocolates arrive from colleagues – commence sugar coma. Off to birthday lunch with Meredith and Erica. Meet a crazy CEO who ends up secretly paying our bill. Score – free mini-cheeseburgs! Back to the office to binge on Milano cookies and revel in glorious Facebook birthday adoration. MySpace message from cousin: Gram is unconscious and on the way to the hospital. Freak out, call all Floridian relatives. Hours later, the update: Gram is awake and now has dates with four of the paramedics who took her to the hospital. Impressive. Family’s presents arrive via mail – iTunes and singing cards, loves it.

Depart the office for El Centro, mi restaurant favorito para cumpleanos. Quick mojito with Gabe, and chilaquiles (delish mouth explosion) with Michelle, Erin, Amy, Lauren and Jamie. Recount the absurdity that was Atlantic City last weekend. One more rousing chorus of Happy Birthday, one more candle (this time in flan) and one more wish. Run home in the pouring rain. Catch up with Rachel. Download Kings of Leon and Britney’s Womanizer with my iTunes gift cards. Eat Frosted Mini-Wheats because I can. Wash face and slather on wrinkle cream – can never be too careful at this advanced age. Crawl into bed – no radiator noise this time. Turn on The Office. Laugh. Sleep.

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Anonymous said...

So I'm checking out your Christmas list and there aren't any links attached. Where does one purchase Ninja lessons?????