Monday, November 3, 2008

I Feel Like I'm Taking Crazy Pills

What a weird weekend! Here's a Top Ten list of the kookiest happenings...
10. The Deltas came to town and we celebrated a big Gator win together, just like old times, except in NYC, not Jacksonville. Crystal, Sharon and I were cooling off outside the Gator bar Saturday afternoon when a ton of firetrucks rolled up. It was a false alarm, but it didn't stop Sharon from telling one of the firefighters still perched in his truck, "Hey, you're cute." But she said that when she thought they were driving away... and then the truck sat there for about 5 awkward minutes with the firemen staring at us. Then we were interviewed by a cute reporter about our Halloween costumes...

9. My Palin costume accessories included real earrings (killer whale shaped!) from Alaska and a hair clip from Russia. Thanks, Monga!
8. I got a haircut Saturday morning and my stylist showed me his Halloween pics from the night before. He was dressed up as drag queen Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and the sweet Honduran lady that washed my hair was the Wicked Witch.

7. A closeted Republican man (it's not cool to like the GOP in this town) whispered in my ear that he was voting for "me." His wife said, "Oh really?!"

In line at Papa John's, I noted (in my Sarah accent) that the man next to me had a really nice Obama button, and that I was having a really hard time finding a McCain pin. The woman standing next to him said, "You won't believe this. Someone had the nerve, no, the audacity, to try to sell McCain pins outside the grocery store. Can you believe that?!"

6. I channeled Sarah Palin and conducted multiple interviews as her.
5. I got leg cramps and had to take a nap immediately after watching the NYC Marathon. Congrats Lauren and Michelle on actually completing the race!

4. I saw a guy in a Gator shirt on the train on the way to the festivities and said, "Hey, are you going to the Gator bar?" And he said, "Yes, but I'm not sure how to get there." And I said, "Follow me, fellow Gator, I will take you to the Promised Land." And now we're friends.
3. I met my neighbors on the third floor and enjoyed their company until they dumped out a mountain of coke (that's cocaine, people) on the table and started divvying it up with a credit card. That was an abrupt departure.

2. After the Fla/Ga game, my brother called and said, "There's someone here who wants to talk to you." A woman's voice came on the line and said, "Hey." I said, "Who the heck is this?" in a goofy voice. The reply, "It's your mother." Then I laughed so hard that people on the sidewalk were staring at me.
1. I took a cab home from a Halloween party at 5 a.m. with Jim Morrison, James Bond and Edward Scissorhands. Jim Morrison has since asked me out.

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