Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Election Day

This morning, the maverick in me decided it would be a super genius idea to dress as Sarah Palin and try to get on national TV. Just your average Tuesday in NYC, dontcha know? I woke up before dawn to recreate my successful Halloween look - teased and poofed hair, smart red suit and Alaska killer whale earrings. Last night as I considered this opportunity, it occurred to me that if the election goes to the blue donkeys, we may not hear from Governor Palin for a while and my moment of Palin-dependent glory would evaporate as fast as John Edwards' reputation. Since I pass the Today Show on my way to work every day, I surmised this opportunity was nothing short of low-hanging fruit, and despite being a little nervous, I'd be crazy not to at least try for a TV appearance.

At any rate, I had a feeling the crowd outside the Today Show was going to be so huge that I wouldn't have a chance of getting to the front for a cleverly-accented chat with the hosts anyway, so I wasn't too stressed. As I rounded the corner and the studio area came into view, I saw that there was barely a crowd at all! I moseyed right up between two ladies from Ohio and Montana, took off my black coat, flipped on my glasses and started talking like Sarah, doing my pageant wave and telling all the "great Americans" to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket.

I'd been there less than 10 minutes when Al Roker came by to shake my hand. I said in my Palin voice, "It is a distinct pleasure to meet you, Mr. Roker." And the rest is history.

Now a whole bunch of Midwestern ladies have pictures of me on their cameras, and I will forever be in their NYC 2008 photo albums as Sarah Palin on Election Day. I've heard from tons of friends in the U.S., Bahamas and as far away Australia, who called to say they saw me on TV, so that's an exciting feeling. However, now that I've watched the clip for myself, I can't help but wonder at what point in the past few years did my brains fall out of my head. New York has made me into quite the kooky nutjob and I hope, dear readers, that you enjoy the sacrifices I make for your entertainment.*

*Big Apple Palin now available for parties, weddings, Bar/bat Mitzvahs and events.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! You are so funny!
Miss ya