Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Lucky Day

I planned to write a hilarious post about the most fun birthday extravaganza I ever had in my 27 years, but Jamie saved me the trouble. So I’ll take this time to reiterate if you weren't already aware - Jamie and Lauren are straight-up, God-given, gold-star blessings to me and two of my favorite people in the world. In addition to putting up with my many daily dramas and general weirdness/malaise, they’ve spent the past three years indulging my every birthday whim – whether ice skating, karaoke and Borat, sulking moodily over quesadillas or living it up AC-style.

It was a night for the record books. Thank you gals for accompanying me on (yet another) extremely classy journey to Jersey!

And now, in no particular order, a list of fun AC memories:
1. All-you-can-eat buffet complete with fantastic opera-style birthday singers/waiters
2. Excellent crab leg “slabs,” cheesy potatoes, fried chicken and dinner roll sugar pork dumplings; Taste and see that the Lord is good!
3. Strawberry & mint chocolate chip sundae with every topping possible; “That’s the worst combination of flavors you could have possibly created!”
4. Free drinks at the slot machines; “It’s really free?”
5. Jamie holding onto her $11 slot voucher like it was $11,000; “You’re betting 25 nickels each time!”
6. “Are you girls 21?” said the dealer. Hurray!
7. Boys! “You’re funny, smart… AND hot!”
8. Dancing at a martini bar to the sounds of a 10-person oldies band
9. Sex and the City martinis
10. Jamie’s en fuego scarf
11. High fives every time we won at blackjack
12. “Look at me, I’m just like Jay-Z,” said Big Apple Angie, who had nowhere near as many chips as Jay-Z might.
13. “That’s what she said” contest
14. The guy who we thought was an animatronic gold miner, but was just a grizzled old fellow hanging out in the Wild West casino
15. Squinting in disbelief when we realized it was daytime and we were still out; “Hey, that’s the ocean!”
16. Profits! "Don't forget to tithe on your winnings!"
17. The lady on the return bus ride who sang in her scary voice all night, “Why don’t we make loooooove no more.”
18. Bus driver back at Port Authority, “You girls look like you had a great time!”
19. 10 a.m.: “Are you just now getting home?” said BAA’s roommate.


Jamie said...

How could I have forgotten the animatronic gold miner?!?!

lauren said...

A few additional memorable moments to add -

20. "You forgot the body glitter, now the trip is officially ruined."
21. Thanks for schooling me in the art of eating crablegs - "slllabbb!"
22. Buffets are so in right now - "Good news girls, the diet cokes are free!"
23. Special mavericky apperances by Sarah Palin - "You're republicans?!"
24. "You look like a heartbreaker"
25. The points game = garaunteed good time - "I'll give you 10 points for..."
26. Waking up on the greyhound to see the sun shining on NYC - "Did that just happen?"

Definitely my fav New York adventure yet! Love!

Big Apple Angie said...

But wait, there's more:

27. JP calling at 6 a.m. because he read my updated Facebook status
28. "Why are you guys friends with me?" Silence. Deafening silence.
29. "I love to eat so much food." BAA "I know, I read about that in Glamour." JMart

Jamie said...


30. I can't remember what I was supposed to add, but we talked about it at dinner.