Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Fun Never Ends

MIDDLEBURG, Florida -- Oh readers, how I've missed you! This entire "vacation," I've either been up-to-my-eyeballs busy with work or sidelined with a cold, migraine or sprained bum. (Darn that fun, fabulous Wii.) Forgive me for being a delinquent blogger?

This will make you happy - I got both Ninja and trapeze lessons from my family for Christmas. You'll be along for the ride as I document the two month process of becoming a ninja and/or circus performer. Life is good in that department. Otherwise, I've just been busy... 

Watch Slumdog Millionaire (Really liked, but it made me so emotional to see the kids living in the slums. Reminded me of the street kids in Bolivia.) 
Wish Jamie and roomie Rachel a Happy Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)
Watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Liked well enough. Thought it was similar to Forrest Gump. Brad Pitt looked smoking hot toward the end. Women in the audience were growling.)
Read New Moon (I confess: I'm a Twilight convert.)
Make Goofy Music Videos with Rae
Hang Out with Audrey, Morgee, Lauralee, Q-Ball, Hally, Jenea (Nine straight years of MHS Cheerleader get-togethers.)
Watch One Atrocious ABBA Cover Band Perform Live 
Hang Out with Jordan 
Eat at Carrabba's (twice)
Eat at Chic-Fil-A (twice)
Blog (Does this one count?)
Be the Best Rockband Singer Ever
Handle Photo Shoot Wrap-Up

Still To Do: 
Read Eclipse & Breaking Dawn
Spend the Day with Monga 
Buy Boots 
Tour First Coast News Studio
Hang Out with Jorel, Blake, Cilla, Anita
Plan Europe Trip with Rae
Upload Shark Video 
Learn Beyonce's Single Ladies Dance 
Journal New Year's Resolutions (Some ideas: take one photo for the blog every day or have 50% more fun than in 2008) 
Buy Flight to Miami for BCS Game

1 comment:

Jamie said...

a) WHAT ARE NINJA LESSONS?!?!?! b) Have 50% more fun than 2008?? Two words for you that make that resolution impossible: Atlantic. City.

c) ...Orrr...if we go to Atlantic City in 2009, we could possibly double or even triple our earnings, er, fun. Cha-ching!

(d) Happy birthday to me!