Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hodgie the Hilarious

1. Contextual note - On the island of Kauai, there are wild chickens that run amuck all over the place. 

Scene: Walking in Hanalei Town
BAA (under the distinct impression she's making a hilarious observation): That chicken just crossed the road. Haha.
Hodgie: But WHY did he do it?!?! 
BAA: Bahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

2. Contextual note - Hawaii has a rather large problem with crystal meth, a scary, crazy drug that makes your teeth fall out and your house blow up, I think. Krystal is a restaurant that is open late and serves delicious, tiny hamburgers. There are no Krystal locations in Hawaii. 

Knowing this, please enjoy the following exchange between Hodgie and my dear friend Trina, a native Hawaiian.

Scene: Driving back to Trina's after a late night reggae show in Honolulu
Hodgie: Dude, you got some Krystals? 
Trina (suspecting Hodgie is looking to score some drugs, she glances anxiously at her friend sitting in the passenger seat): Umm, well...
BAA (understanding the cultural mash-up that has just occurred): Bahahahahahaha! Not drugs! Bahahaha! Hamburgers! Bahahahahaha! Tasty little hamburgers!
Trina and Hodgie: Bahahahahaha!

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