Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life is Like a Box of Gator-Shaped Chocolates

Just when the words "I'm not going near an airport for the next month" came out of my mouth, an emergency came up and I had to spend two days at LGA. For obvious reasons, I can't discuss deets with you here on the blog, but would love to tell you tales in person someday very soon.

I'm holing up in my apartment for the next two days because I've got much catching up to do... and yes, readers, that includes blogging! Stay tuned for updates on this crazy life. 

For now, a few additional photos from the BCS game. Though you haven't heard much from me on the subject, Miami was quite a thrill ride! 
How I miss this girl! Ange & Anita early in the tailgate.
Cruising on someone's golf cart 
Ginny and Katie, angelically grilling at the tailgate outside the stadium 
Pre-game at the $20 tailgate experience... 
Sunny, fabulous weather + Gator domination + Reunion with dozens of long lost Gator Nation friends = Best.Jan.9.Ever.

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