Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Favourite Aussies

The quest for Queensland continues! My research on all things Oz has reminded me just how many talented celebs have come from the land down under. Check out my top 10 favourite* famous exports and a handful of accompanying YouTube videos:

1. Silverchair

I have yet to get over my junior high crush on Silverchair lead singer Daniel Johns. He's a total babe. (Note to self: go to a Silverchair concert in Oz.)

2. Steve Irwin

As an animal lover myself, I couldn't get enough of the Crocodile Hunter's zany antics and quirky catchphrases. I was genuinely crushed when I found out what had happened to him.

3. Keith Urban + Nicole Kidman

How lovely are these two? If anyone's going to make it, I think this supercouple has a great chance.

4. Heath Ledger

Such a tragedy what happened to Heath. I was enamoured after his charming serenade in "10 Things I Hate About You."


Rachel and Elle were my two favorite supermodels when I was a kid. They haven't aged! (Note to self: is it something in the Oz water?)


If your childhood was anything like mine, your dad was in a New Wave band in the 80s and INXS was a major influence on your musical taste. Wait, your dad wasn't in a New Wave band in the 80s? The cheese stands alone.

7. Olivia Newton-John

Let's get physical, physical... Sandy.

8. Baz Luhrmann

"Moulin Rouge""Romeo + Juliet." I stand in awe.

9. Mel Gibson

Mel was born in the U.S. but raised in Australia, so I count him in my top 10.

10. Kylie Minogue

I know she's moved on, but her Locomotion remake is outstanding. (Note to self: research correlation between global warming and excessive AquaNet usage in the 80s.)

Keep in mind, this list excludes Aussies I actually know in real life, like John, Chris and Scuba Steve. More to come about them later!

Did I leave out your favorite celebrity Aussie? Comment!

*In order to better prepare me for the job, I shall now arbitrarily spell words of my choice the Aussie way.

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Anonymous said...

Rachel Hunter is a Kiwi.