Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scuba Heaven

As you readers well know, I was certified to scuba dive on the world's third largest barrier reef a few years ago. The beauty of the underwater world nearly made my eyes pop right out of my head and I couldn't help but hum tunes from the Little Mermaid while maintaining neutral buoyancy under 'da sea. The marine life was stunning, the water was crystal clear and the coral was absolutely bursting with color. I've been in love with diving ever since, and there's only one other spot in the world that could rival the wonder of my first dive site...

The queen of all dives is of course, The Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea.  A scuba Holy Land, the sights below the surface are said to be nothing short of a religious experience, absolutely worth flying around the world for. If I were chosen for The Best Job In The World, I'd get to experience the GBR all the time. Can you imagine? I'm giddy just thinking of it! 

Diving with whales is on my bucket list and my Christmas list*, so I was pumped when I found out Humpbacks congregate at Lady Musgrave Island from July to October.  (The Best Job In The World begins July 1.) I also found out that by diving at the GBR, you'll have a front row seat to watch coral spawningan extremely rare and beautiful occurrence. And another crazy thing - 340 of only 350 known species of coral are found at Orpheus Island. Do you realize how absurd and phenomenal and miraculous that is? (Am I getting too scientific? Did I just let the cat out of the bag about what a marine biology nerd I am?) 

Sorry, back to leisurely diving. Dolphins, porpoises, turtles, manta rays, sharks (my favorite!) and the ever-adorable clownfish (Nemo!) call the Great Barrier Reef home. There are also seahorses, saltwater crocodiles and something called a nudibranch. What's a nudibranch? No idea, folks, but it sounds absolutely hilarious and I want to see one for myself. 

With all these wonders just waiting to be discovered, how could you resist diving right in? 

*Christmas List at bottom of blog, just in case you want to buy me something. 


Anonymous said...

Angie is one of the most impressive young people I have ever known, and I have known her all her life. There is nothing she cannot accomplish and nothing that she cannot do. She speaks 3 languages and is a perfect fit for Australia. She can handle any situation including plane crashes. She is an expert in the advertising field and has the ability to promote an idea or adventure. Angie can take a picture an portray it in words, which is why she is so good at her present job. She works easily and extremely well on her own. She has the ability to quickly improvise in the strangest of situations. Good luck and Australia needs your expertise and attitude ! PAPA

lauren said...

This brings back hilarious memories of our Royal Caribbean Cruise to nowhere when BAA first made her love for sea creatures known. Something like, "You may not know me that well yet, but I secretly love Marine Biology!" (read: I am a huge nerd) And "Hey, do you guys think there are any Narwhals out there? I loveee the Narwhals!" WHAT are you talking about BAA?! I seem to remember hysterical laughter. Please see May 2007 "Ahoy" blog post for additional cruise to nowhere highlights.

Bethany Michelle said...

LOVE how you make all of your adventures come to life, Angie!! It's almost like I'm there... minus the fact that I'm still missing a gorg tan and all... :)

lauren said...

Did you know that there is a "Whale Wars" series on Discovery?! Just doing a bit of competitive research at work and found it. I mean, I already know you heart "Shark Week" since I gave you a whole season on DVD, but "Whale Wars?!" A whole new world! :)