Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blinded by the Light - Thursday Night in West Hollywood

Beverly Hills offered significantly less drama than 90210, Laguna Beach, the Hills and the OC had made me expect. For some reason, I've always been wary of California - perhaps it was that whole getting robbed/identity theft ordeal in 2001 - and up until this week, I would have bet money against ever living there. But something clicked this time around, and I've actually added Hollywood to my list of potential future cities. Interesting, no? 

After an incredibly long Super Shuttle journey into the Golden Triangle (um, driver, can you just let us out here next to Paris' pink Bentley?), we checked in and explored our fabulous suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel. If I could move in there, I'd pack up and go tomorrow. It was super swank and absolutely perfect.

After settling in, we met our client downstairs for a quick drink and some shop talk. Suddenly, this handsome stranger strolled in and told us Paris' Bentley was being towed outside. Turns out, this hottie (let's call him Dr. McDreamy 'cause he's a surgeon) was Erica's brother. Score! Well, not really... because moments later, we picked up his lovely LA girlfriend for sushi on Sunset Blvd. Does the girlfriend have a name? Not sure. All I remember about her is the parasite cleanse she was doing, the calories in champagne vs. vodka and saving the polar bears with Greenpeace. 

Fully exhausted and jet-lagged, we hit up a lounge where we met an art director who lives in Hell's Kitchen. Such a small world. After that, we went to the Apple Lounge... a typical bass-booming club where the girls were scantily clad and the dudes were skeazy as ever. We waited around as nameless girlfriend tried to use her connections to get us in. We were past the first line and sort of lingering on the red carpet... when we just decided to bail. Erica and I are not club girls by any means, and the waiting around amongst "ladies" wearing little more than underpants was not our cup of tea. 

Suddenly, flashbulbs began to pop and snap and what to my wondering eyes did appear... but Paris Hilton standing smack in front of me. We were directly behind her with our mouths literally agape as the paparazzi bulbs flashed. "Well, maybe we'll stay for a little bit." 

Hours later, we were still in the club feeling as though we were studying abroad on Mars or something. Hugh Hefner passed by and we just looked at each other incredulously. Bet he's never seen good-looking girls sporting sweaters and jeans at an LA nightclub. 

So the Apple Lounge was the start of a very interesting weekend. Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

But something clicked this time around, and I've actually added Hollywood to my list of potential future cities. Interesting, no?

Don't let ONE weekend sway your little self!!!! California is not a great place to live.. First Earthquake, price of living, scuzzballs that prey on pretty women! Fifty years ago a fine place, not now!