Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ode to Facebook

I just found out my own brother joined Facebook and is not even friends with me. I feel like a big loser, and not like the inspiring kind from the TV show.

Moving on. Even though the elusive Hodgie has finally joined the club, I realize there are many folks who don't participate in this online microcosm. And to those people I say, what do you do with all your free time?

Seriously though, have you seen all the news stories this week about the Top 25 Things note going around on the Face? It's truly a testament to my generation and our LOOK AT ME, I'M INTERESTING! mentality... and to that end, I of course filled out my top 25 interesting things about myself. So yeah, LOOK AT ME! (And don't forget to watch my Australia video, in case you weren't already tired of looking at me!)

I realized that those folks not on the Face (grand-rents, my pals' moms, BAA fans abroad) might feel left out if they didn't get to find out all about this Top 25 phenomenon and its domination of both Facebook and the media. So enjoy my repurposed facts below...

1. I think there’s only one really good reason to get married.

2. I love that my brother and sister are my best friends. They may only love me because I take them on exotic trips… but I’m ok with that.

3. I was disgracefully unathletic as a child. My mom was the coach of my horrible softball team - “New Girls on the Block.” And I always hated New Kids on the Block because of that connection.

4. I love Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Tetris, but I don’t sleep well after I play because the screens are all I see when I close my eyes.

5. When I was a top 50 finalist for The Apprentice, I interviewed with Donald Trump and Mark Burnett. In the end, I wasn’t able to throw strangers under the bus in a rude enough fashion, but now that I’ve been a New Yorker for 2.5 years, I think I’m ready for a redo.

6. I would be an awesome celebrity. Paparazzi chasing me? Yes, please.

7. I have never been to a country where I don’t speak the native language - English, French or Spanish.

8. I believe Mexican food is one of God’s special gifts and if I could only have one food for the rest of my life, it would be crunchy tacos.

9. I’m a little bit good at a lot of things but not extremely talented at one thing.

10. Despite being from the South, I hate sweet tea, grits and watermelon.

11. I can’t drink caffeine or take cold medicine because both make me completely insane – like “wander around the house wondering who I am” insane.

12. I’ve been told I talk like an old lady. I say underpants and smooch.

13. I went to private school until 8th grade. I then attempted public school but that only lasted four days because I was convinced everyone had drugs and guns. (To be fair, they did have drugs, because they tried to give me some. Yipes!) I “homeschooled” the rest of 9th grade (watched TV, ate chips and perfected my grunge wardrobe and teen angst) and then finished at Middleburg High School.

14. My whole family is tall except for Great Gram and me. I am convinced the aforementioned teen angst (see #13) stunted my growth. I don’t know what happened to Great Gram…

15. I was born on Friday the 13th and I think that makes all the typical ‘unlucky’ things lucky for me. Like black cats, opening umbrellas inside, walking under ladders, the #13…

16. From ages 10-18, I was quite the fantastic dog handler and I competed on a regular basis. I think at one point I was #5 in the country. I was constantly on the road with my grandparents traveling from show to show, so this is where I developed my travel obsession. I had more business suits at 10-years-old than I do now, and they all had to have pockets for storing the dog treats. My grandpa groomed my dog and all I did was show up most of the time. I was usually running around and getting into trouble with my partner in crime, jane, with whom I still keep in touch and see once a year at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden – the birthplace of my dream to move to NYC.

17. I come from a family of extroverted introverts. Believe it or not, we’re all quite shy. We’d really rather just hang out with the 5 of us – but people seem to like us so we entertain them.

18. I worked at Hardee’s once – for six hours. Then my supervisor told me to “Drop them fries in the grease.” And after staring at her with my mouth wide open for a while, I went home and never went back.

19. My dad is sort of a rockstar. I once witnessed a groupie asking him to sign her bra. It was a little traumatizing.

20. I’m a science nerd. I think geology rocks (get it?) and I love sea creatures. Swimming with whale sharks and cage diving with great whites are on my bucket list.

21. Someone other than my immediate family of 5 ALWAYS lived at my house up until I graduated from high school. Either cousins, Dad’s friends or their relatives, 7-man bands + their wives and dogs, Thai immigrants or my brother’s free-loading, good-for-nothing pals.

22. I feel restless if I don’t fly somewhere at least once a month.

23. I haven’t always had a fun job. My past clients have included tea bags, chicken processing plants, peanuts, pressure washers, hospitals and acne medicine.

24. I have a dozen or so evening gowns that I refuse to let go of from my pageant/prom days. My sister and I dress up in them when I go home to visit. They make for fabulous Rock Band costumes.

25. I may or may not want kids but if I do end up with them, I want to adopt some, too.

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