Monday, February 2, 2009

Vintage BAA

Hiya readers! Many of you have pointed out the Web issues with changing my domain from blogspot to plain old, and I promise I'm working on it! For now, I'm just sticking with blogspot so you should have no problem getting your daily BAA fix. No panic attack needed!

While BAA has been around for 2.5 years (wow!), I realize several of you darling readers are relative newbies and I fear you've missed some of my favorite posts! To remedy that, I'll occasionally link back to some of my favorites from when I first arrived here in the Big Apple.

Vintage BAA #1: While I was working on some nitty gritty details on my Best Job in the World application video, I remembered An Everywhere Girl?, a post about my insatiable wanderlust from July 2007. Please enjoy!

p.s. I still feel just the same way as I did then.

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