Friday, March 6, 2009

21 Fast Facts

Big Apple Angie...

…is skilled at trivia and dreams of being on Jeopardy.
…is addicted to traveling, so she made a career of it.
…speaks three languages - well, two and a half.
…loves to sing and admits she moved to NYC partially for the abundance of karaoke hotspots.
…doesn’t have a favorite color.
…gets excited about narwhals, beluga whales and any kind of shark.
…weirdly enjoys the periodic table of elements.
…has never met a stranger.
…doesn’t understand when people think something tastes “too sweet.” How can anything be too sweet?
…used to be very blonde.
…takes great satisfaction in making people laugh out loud.
…is energized anytime she’s near the ocean.
…tries new things just for the funny stories that result. See ninja, trapeze, hip-hop class, trampoline…
…can spot a misspelling from three blocks away.
…bought a Mac laptop on the spot because Pat Sajak from Wheel of Fortune was in the store shopping, and she likes him.
...gets the job done.
…misses her friends in Bolivia every day.
…will write a hilarious book about her adventures.
…hums the soundtrack from the Little Mermaid while scuba diving.
…thought Donald Trump was surprisingly kind when she met him.
…wishes people broke into spontaneous song and dance routines in real life.


Anonymous said...

Hip hop class? HEHE!

I totally have a secret karaoke desire but no one wants to go with meeee ;_;


Unknown said...

Your love for the ocean is exactly why you're perfect for the Australia job. I hate the ocean and I think swimming in it is like swimming in a public toilet...for animals.