Sunday, March 15, 2009


Welcome to Big Apple Angie's 500th Blog Post Celebration Extravaganza Spectacular! To commemorate this momentous occasion, I have a new video for you! 

Faithful readers will recall I went to the Bahamas in July 2008 to film a few segments for the Travel Channel. Is that really PR? You'd be surprised how varied my projects are - it's never the same day twice! For this shoot, I pitched the segment to the producers, which became two separate segments, secured contracts for all participants, found a yacht, organized the video crew, booked lodging, air, ground & water transportation, provided messaging and volunteered as a "model." (Plus a lot more, but I don't want you to die of boredom. That would be a horrible way to celebrate 500 posts!)

For this special 500th blog post edition, I've edited today's very short video to include just the clips featuring me. To see the full episode and the fruits of my labor, you must tune in to the Travel Channel!

What to watch for
  • You'll probably recognize the photos I included at the beginning of the video... those were all taken during the shoot and I use them frequently.
  • First segment - I only appear once, but you can't miss me!
  • Second segment - it's a little like Where's Waldo. Sometimes I only appear for a moment and sometimes it's just my back - but it's me!
Enjoy this special day and maybe think about celebrating it with a nice 500-calorie treat. (Yep, best.idea.ever.) Stay tuned tomorrow for my next video featuring Ange-walking in Central Park with my custom-designed Best Job in the World postcards.

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