Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BAA Show Already in Progress

Jay Thomas is a gem! Did you know he went to Jacksonville University? How about that! Jay and his cohorts were so much fun to chat with this afternoon... maybe it had something to do with a marriage proposal and a lot of nice compliments? Oh, how I do love compliments! Jay has asked me to come back on the show in a few weeks when the crew is in NY, so buy your Sirius/XM stuff now so you'll be ready to tune in.

So what's next in Big Apple Angie's Quest for Queensland? Today, I sent in my 500 word short story to the folks over at TQ, so check that off the list. CHECK. I'm in the process of editing footage we shot over the weekend into a few video blogs and I'm juggling media requests, morning show blitzes and daily blogs - there's much to do and only 13 days left to do it! Have you voted lately? 

It's not all scuba diving and under 'da sea and barrier reefs though! That's right, readers, the Big Apple Angie Show already in progress is still in progress! It's been a highly successful week on the media relations front and we've got launches and projects and press trip series to crank out in the next few days. Busy.as.a.bee.

So the Quest for Queensland coupled with my Day Job are keeping me more than occupied. But wait! There's more!

1. Surprise trip to surprise location (it's a big deal)
2. Huge non-work and non-Oz related project that will really blow your mind (seriously, prepare yourselves)
3. Mom's upcoming big 5-0 birthday bonanza 
4. RaeRae's European Adventure
5. Possibly 23 other things that I can't remember right this minute

My noggin feels a bit swollen, so I'm going to hit the hay. Enjoy your night, dear readers!

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Yuяi said...

BAA, any chance you could post a mp3 or a youtube clip of the radio show? For those of us slackers who miss it? :)