Monday, March 23, 2009

The Bright Side

Patience is a virtue. Travel is a privilege. Patience is a virtue. Travel is a privilege. Patience is a virtue.

The whirlwind tour of US airports continues... I'm now in Washington, DC. Considering all the JetBlue flights from the West Coast were full this week, I decided we just had to get to any East Coast city and wing it from there. Hodgie just boarded his ($300!) United one-way flight back to Jacksonville, and I'm hanging out in baggage claim at Dulles waiting for my newly booked 6 a.m. flight back to JFK. Another sleepless night... I miss my bed.

But, the trip was worth it. Meeting the Tourism Queensland folks and the partners from Oz was an excellent opportunity to learn about the destination, plus hanging out with the other candidates has made this experience so much richer. They're lovely folks and I think now I have a place to stay when I visit Australia, Canada, Dallas and Connecticut... holla! Even though I've now been traveling for 24 hours with at least 8 more to go, it was worth the trouble.

It's time for another attempt at sleep. At least this airport has walls and restaurants. LGB leaves MUCH to be desired. 

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