Thursday, March 19, 2009

California, Here We Cooooooome! (Again!)

Great news, readers! Tonight I’m headed out west – yes, again! I’ll be live blogging, Tweeting it up and getting lots of video footage to share from three days of Queensland-related media/consumer events. It’s a weird thrill for me to be on the other side of an event… I don’t have to plan it, haggle with coordinators, find a location, secure rooms and partners, plan meals and activities and door prizes and lighting and PowerPoints and guest speakers… all I have to do is show up and meet nice folks from Australia. So this is how the other half lives?

Guess who’s coming with me? Everyone’s favorite vicarious brother – Hodgie! He’s tagging along to help me video blog. I only hope the Tourism Queensland folks don’t decide they like him more than me and give him my Top 50 status. He really is that charming.

What’s that? I hear murmuring and disgruntledness… sounds like there are folks out there in Internetland who are under the impression I live some fabulous lifestyle of the rich and famous because I work with media and whatnot. Now I hear chuckling. Ah, it’s all the PR people I know and they’re guffawing at the idea that we’re rolling in dough. Let’s pause for a moment while we collect ourselves.

It might appear to the untrained eye that Big Apple Angie has big big money, since many of my photos feature me at tropical Caribbean resorts or Hawaiian mountaintops. Well, there’s one thing you need to know about Big Apple Angie: I never pay full price for anything and the majority of my travel is either free (SkyMiles) or sharply discounted (Buddy Passes & nice people).

For example: our roundtrip flights (from JFK and JAX) to Long Beach.
Value: $1,500. Actual cost: $200.

How did I do this? I have a darling friend who hooked me up with Buddy Passes. Thank you, Jarvis!

Big Apple Angie: bringing you fiscally responsible spontaneous gallivanting since 1981.

Stay tuned... there's much in store!

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