Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Ideal Travel Team

If you were named Hamilton Island’s caretaker, who would you invite to share the experience? What would you look for in a 6-month travel companion on a once-in-a-lifetime journey?

Here are my requirements:
1. Be flexible. Whining is a big no-no! My ideal companion will go with the flow and love spontaneous adventures.

2. Be friendly. If I’m going to share you with the world, you should be at least as fun and friendly as I am, if not more so. No one wants to watch the island caretaker’s useless boring lump of a friend.

3. Be a considerate roommate. We’ll be sharing a house, so my ideal companion will be relatively neat and pleasant. Cooking/BBQ skills are a big plus, because we all know how much I love a good meal.

4. Be low-maintenance. If selected as island caretaker, I’ll be busy blogging, filming and editing videos and meeting as many people as I can in person and via the Web. You should be able to entertain yourself while I’m feeding the fish, delivering the mail and cleaning the pool!

5. Be smart. I want my island cohort to be just as fascinated with Australian culture, food, history and nature as I am.

6. Be adventurous. If I’m jumping off a cliff, so are you.

Readers, am I missing any key qualities? What's most important to you?

Those who know me best know this decision is the easiest part of the entire process for me. Stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of who my ideal travel partner(s) would be, and really, try not to absolutely die of suspense overnight!


Anonymous said...

Haha well, i have 1 of those qualities! haha
<3 ur sister

Jamie said...

You just had to go and include cooking, didn't you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie!
Again, Congrats on getting to the Top 50! I hope you win.

Oh, and I could be your companion as we've already lived together and with 2 rather than 4 people it might be more relaxing in a house. But Ben might be sad. The only downside. haha.

Good luck!!!