Monday, March 30, 2009

Mom = Exhaustion

Sorry to be slacking in the blog department, readers! My Mom is running me absolutely ragged. 

Last night, Lauren, Jamie, Michelle and I gathered in honor of Mom's birthday to eat nachos, pizza and cupcakes, all the while playing trivia at a Hell's Kitchen bar. 

Today we had mucho facetime on The Morning Show with Mike + Juliet (thanks, Dori!) followed by me doing the news with a teleprompter on the NBC Studio Tour. 

Tomorrow is the grande finale - we're going to Regis + Kelly (thanks, Samantha!) and Martha Stewart (thanks, Alexis!) All these talk show tickets were Mom's birthday surprise gifts, and she is stoked! 

We'll let you know if anything crazy happens. Rosie O is the special guest on Martha and the Osbournes are going to be on R+K, so anything could happen! 

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Brittany B said...

OMGosh. I'm so jealous you're going to see Martha and Regis & Kelly. Have a blast! You're sooo lucky! :)