Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Video References

Since so much of my Quest for Queensland involves daydreaming about heavenly Hamilton Island, it's important I remain focused and remember that at the end of this process is... a real job!  This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity combines what I love to do (blog, scuba, islands, travel, sea creatures, adventures) and everything I'm good at professionally (writing, communications, tourism, media relations) into one tidy 6-month package. Many of us spend our lives searching for a way to cram all of our talents and interests into one career. What a blessing it is for me just to have the chance to do that!

In the spirit of focusing on the more job-like aspects of my Quest, I've included some personal and professional references, exactly as I would if applying for any other job. Ok, maybe not exactly. Enjoy! 

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Zellie said...

lol, cookies in the conference room :D

oh lordy, your music choices make me want to karaoke my heart out!

Very cool to set up the charity effort-could you set up a paypal donation button or ChipIn or something so those of us on Ning but not in NYC might be able to add to it?