Friday, March 13, 2009

On the Campaign Trail

You can sleep when you're dead.

I don't know who said it, but I've always loved that quote - and am I ever living it! I'll be working on mucho projects this weekend, so stay tuned for new blogs, vlogs, media, announcements and whatnot.

  • I was on the Today Show this morning waving my “Send me to Australia” and “Big Apple Angie for Best Job in the World” signs! Did you see me? I’m attempting to secure a clip to share. The really interesting part was my scary looking hands after they were sans-gloves for 20 minutes. (Note: don’t leave gloves at home because you wish it were spring.)
  • I was interviewed and photographed for the NY Post yesterday. The article should come out on Monday… cross your fingers I don’t look too silly in Times Square with my scuba gear. Oh wait. It wouldn’t be the first time, would it?
  • My celebratory/welcome/fundraiser cocktail party is scheduled for next Wednesday. We’re celebrating me making the Top 50, welcoming Top 50 candidate Hailey from Australia and raising money to support the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Suggested donation is $5. If you want to come, send me your email and the Evite will be on its way to you!
  • Click here for my write-up on I’m working to determine if it was also in the print edition of the Florida Times-Union.
  • My Facebook group now has 260 members! Would love you to join today =)
  • Follow me on Twitter @BigAppleAngie. My grandma does @fayrwynds. In my opinion, the fact that my grandma is on Twitter supersizes my media-smartness factor, and just cements how awesome she is. Just saying.
  • I've moved from No. 28 to No. 17 (at press time) this week - THANK YOU ALL! Only eleven days to go until voting closes. Whooooooa, we're halfway the-eere, whooo-oooa, livin' on a pra-ayer!

I have more updates but no more time. As much as I loathe shopping, I must locate some sassy ensembles for next week - ooh la la. Or should I say Shoe-La-La?

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