Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Postcards from My Mama

I have been genuinely touched and motivated by the support I've already received from my friends, family, colleagues and employer as I pursue this once in a lifetime opportunity. My favorite inspiration so far has come from my Mom.

"Be sure in your interviews you tell the media you’re single. Maybe you’ll find a boyfriend. Some of those guys in the top 50 are hot."

How focused is this woman? Always on message! Love it!


Anonymous said...

This is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you would be as determined to find a husband as you are about everything else in your life, I would be spoiling grandchildren by now!;)

lauren said...

bahahahaha! this. is. hilarious. thanks to mom for keeping things in perspective!

Anonymous said...

haha she's right though. have you seen Douglas?? very nice.

Yuяi said...

So funny!! As always, your mom is keeping it real. Wha?