Monday, March 23, 2009

Queensland Exchange - Photos

As Hodgie and I continue our Quest for Getting the Heck out of Long Beach... I thought I'd post a few pictures from the weekend. The candidates were so sweet and once we got over the initial awkwardness that comes from already knowing someone before you have actually met them... we had a wonderful time! Everyone was friendly and interesting, and we agreed that we each bring something very different to the table. More about the candidates and events later. For now, a few photos!

Cali (TX), Melissa (CAN), Marcella (CAN), Sandy (CT) and Big Apple Angie
Photo by Cali. She probably didn't want to capture my face from the front, given I looked like a hot mess.
Ben (TQ), Ange, Hailey, Shana (TQ), Marcella, Melissa, Sandy, Cali, Steven (TQ)
Hamming it up outside the Aquarium of the Pacific

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