Friday, March 6, 2009

Top 50 Viewing Party

Every so often, my colleagues convene in one of our adorable Subway-themed conference rooms (My fave: Astor Place) to break bread and dish on a hot topic. Today's special? Top 50 Best Job in the World videos, of course! Since the announcement, I’ve gone from zero to 60 - no, make that 60 to 120 - so until lunchtime, I hadn't yet checked out my competition.

After loading Island Reef Job on the big screen TV, we ate Nutter Butters and KitKats and watched the videos from No. 50 up to No. 1. There was much commentary, hearty laughter and heartwarming support for me =)

I'm happy to announce we have created our own proprietary list of favorites for the next round, and even better, we have what Erica dubbed the "fantasy list" - the fellas we find most fetching. I have a feeling that on April 2, my colleagues will be looking for more than just my name on that Top 11 list!


阿文 said...

Rescues Kim!
I thought that Kim is a specialty, and care manner person. I saw has many people to the point of view is subject to duty this work, but I thought that she is not such person. Perhaps some people is good at performing, movie also very fancy. But is this work's core not that environmental protection ' care ' continues forever to develop like three goals? Now the great barrier reef ecology moves toward feebly day after day , we need to have a person who has sincerity to treasure it the to manage it, but is not throws the ticket to the human who is good at performing , like this we and the later generation descendants can forever appreciate guarantee the reef beautiful scene, also can avoid letting it move toward the historical noun the regret, DO you want yours and your descendants can appreciate guarantees the reef greatly? That throws the ticket to Kim! In all participants, only then she can accomplish, please throw a your sacred ticket to her! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

BAA - Odd ... I got the same exact comment on my blog today "Rescues Kim!" (from Taiwan).

Hey ... this is Scott, stopping by to say "hi" and "good luck".

I didn't make the top 50, which was kinda a big suprise to me, considering I'd gotten some press before the announcement and my video had done well in the ratings.

No worries. Because I live on an island too, I just declared myself "Island Caretaker" there (no one seemed to mind - or notice). But, hehehe, I've got the URL to prove it.

Anyway ... just breezing through on a quantitative analysis of the top 50 and (by happenstance) you're my last stop. Whew ... didn't think 50 could be so many. (Can't imagine what 34,000+ would be like. Yeah I can ..."no", "no", "no", :p )

Anyway ... good luck, eh?

Anonymous said...

RE:Rescues Kim