Sunday, March 15, 2009

What to do with Visitors

It's visitor season in New York City! Actually, visitors are always visiting, but this particular moment seems to be chock full of out-of-towners. This weekend, La La La Lauren's sister was in town from Texas, two of the Floridian Gooley brothers stayed here at Apt. 1E and Maria's mom was in town from Tennessee. So many Southerners - we should have hosted a BBQ!

New Yorkers are always looking for what to do with visitors. For first timers, there are the typical favorites: Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Today Show, Central Park, Broadway, Times Square. Check out my AAA Going Places article on what to do with 48 hours in the city for some fun suggestions and tips for getting around. 

What about the folks who visit multiple times and have seen the major tourist attractions? Whatever do we do with them? 

With Mom's 50th birthday extravaganza just a few weeks... wait, wait, wait... 10 days away (gasp!), I'm doing my best to round out her NYC itinerary with fun, never-before-seen sights and activities. I have a few tricks up my sleeve, but I'd love any suggestions you readers might have.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of St. Mark's St and the deliciousness therein. Quirky, geeky stores... Yaffa Cafe... moment of mourning for Jenny's ): ): best bubble tea place ever but it's gone now. Tea Kettle is still good.

^^; I have a bizarre fascination with touring the most disturbing sex shops...

Going back to the geekyness, I can't believe I've never made it to Nintendo World ):

My friend says: "there's a nice aqarium actually down in coney island right off the F train like you get off at the exit, walk down the boardwalk and bam, there it is

This is a pretty specific one, but if they are fans of Project Runway, i can give you the address to Mood, inc. The fabric store that they took the designers to every episode
it's on 7th avenue in midtown"


Anonymous said...

Im coming to NY to avoid extravaganzas. And sex shops...