Sunday, March 8, 2009

You Look Like a Zombie

I woke up confused this morning as I’m sure many of you did. Did my phone/cable box spring ahead? What time was it really? Was I late for church?

Nope, I made it right on time and in even better news, today was Day 2 of 60+ degree weather. After months of layers and shivering, the first few coatless days are as exciting as birthday presents!

Meanwhile at church, I was surprised to receive a shout-out in the bulletin and in the announcements. The support I’ve received throughout this Best Job experience has been beyond humbling. If only everyone could feel this loved all the time!

While I explained voting procedures to members of the congregation, La La La Lauren filmed cameos for some vlog entries. (Watch for it later this week!) After, we hit up fave brunch spot Hi Life for our traditional post-church download/catch-up.

BAA: OMG this cinnamon toast is to die for!
LLLL: Ange, it’s bread with cinnamon and sugar on it. You can make it at your house.

Poor Lauren. Today’s brunch convo went like this: Australia. Me. Best Job in the World. Morning show blitz. Me. Vlogs, blogs and Tweets. My hair. 500-word essay. Me. Me. Me. (I promise to never talk about myself again after all this is said and done!)

LLLL: You look like a zombie. Maybe you need to go home and nap.
BAA: I look like a zombie? (LLLL nods) I look like a zombie. I look like a zombie!
LLLL: Go to sleep!

I figured since there was no way I had enough energy for trampoline class, I would burn a few cinnamon toast calories walking the 40 blocks home. It was a great idea in theory, but Pinkberry, that seductive temptress, wooed me before I could get home. I ordered regular/pomegranate swirled with granola, strawberries and white chocolate shavings – heaven in a paper cup. I could eat it every day.

Per Dr. Lauren’s orders, I immediately snuggled up in my bed and snoozed hard for about three hours. Once I pulled myself out of my mini-coma, I immediately began writing blogs, editing video footage from the weekend and jamming out to my Karaoke playlist on iTunes. Oh! And I had an interview with a wonderful journalist from Herald de Paris. It was really the first time I’ve been able to share exactly why I think Tourism Queensland should pick me and why I think I’d be a compelling island caretaker… so stay tuned!

Monday marks one week of absolute fantastic madness since the Best Job announcement. The countdown continues! Hasn’t it been wild so far? I hope you’ll stick with me for the next couple of weeks until we find out the Top 11, dun dun dun!

Don’t forget to vote!


lauren said...

In all fairness, BAA did let me vent about my current employment situation for about 30 minutes on Friday.

It's ok Ang, when we're in Australia, I'll force you to talk about me. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Angie, you are way too adorable! (I know, I know..."adorable" if that is what you were aiming for!)
But wait, hear me far as I see, you are:
Really REALLY witty
Attitudo Ego Zilcho
Beyond Creative
Little, With Big Laughs Guaranteed

...okay that was just totally spontaneous blabbing. But I'm a fellow creative head who also threw her name in the hat for this job, and when I came across YOU, well, "you had me at hello" (but in a completely different way, of course ;-) I just wanted to give you a little aknowledgement and encouragement, so that you know that from the perspective of a complete stranger, (at least this one, who has many years of creative and strategic business experience), that I really do see that you have the entire package to offer for the job, and kudos to you for all of your hard and continuous work to try and get it. I think that you'd be absolutely perfect for it, and I sincerely wish you all the best!!

A Canadian Wife and Mommy :-)