Thursday, April 9, 2009

Alphabet Soup

I hear rumblings in Internetland that y'all want a blog update. I live to serve you, readers! However, as I started to draft a few different posts today, I was bored to tears with them. I didn't like the tone or the topics, and if I don't like my own writing, you certainly won't. So I'll just update you straight out.

As we all return to normalcy following the tsunami that was the TQ project, I'm guessing everyone wants to know how I'm dealing with the dumping. The Best Job in the World effort will surely become a campaign by which others are judged, and as a travel publicist it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience it from the inside. I made several new, interesting, likeminded friends, increased BAA readership by 190 percent, found a few fabulous new blogs to follow and had so much fun in the process. Yes, it was a ton of work and yes, I was disappointed when I received the email, but I thank Tourism Queensland for the ride and will be eternally grateful to all those who supported me. My only lasting disappointment is that I won't get to meet the rest of the candidates!
Or maybe I will. Mwahahahaha.
Yay for new projects! I regret to inform you that I'm not at liberty to share details on Plans B, C and D at this time. Plan B is under wraps because it's a pretty big deal though not official, so I don't want to get your hopes up without just cause. You've been through enough! Plan C is a totally plausible business venture that I'm undertaking with a mystery guest who may or may not be coming to visit me from afar very soon. Plan D is a little bit bananas, but I'm considering it all the same. Cryptic enough for you? If you really want to know about the alphabet of plans, call my Mom.

Anything else, BAA, aside from Plans B, C & D, and Plan Right Now? On the immediate horizon is the Angie & RaeRae European Adventure... I'm spending my nights crying over how much it's going to cost to take the sis to London/Paris this summer. If you have any suggestions for cheap/safe accomodations in either city, please dish!

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Anonymous said...

Don't call mom. I can't keep the shenanigans straight either!