Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Big 5-0 in the Big Apple

The best way to celebrate half a century on this planet = going to lots of TV shows in person and hoping for excellent celebrity guests. Well, we did go to lots of TV shows but didn't see anyone we were really crazy about, though John McEnroe was surprisingly charming on Martha Stewart. Check out some photos from Mom's whirlwind NYC trip!
Martha Stewart, oh, how I love her. If I could but live in her studio... the kitchen was positively loaded with appliances that I have no idea how to use and yet I want that kitchen for myself. And the craft room? Don't get me started... I'm already practically foaming at the mouth.
Regis, Kelly and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Regis was just as goofy as you'd expect him to be, and Kelly was so tiny we almost didn't see her.

Hoda and Kathy Lee... this was really just a drive-by. These gals happened to be outside when we walked by.
Ma in Times Square wearing her Eskimo coat. Note: it was about 60 degrees. And she claims to be from Wisconsin.

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